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About Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was named after the famous Goddess Athena and holds a prominent position among the oldest cities in the world. Its trademark is - of course - the Acropolis and the emblematic Parthenon. This is where the worldwide culture was born and which later on gave birth to the sciences, the arts, the philosophy. The Parthenon is included in UNESCO's World Heritage List, it constitutes a place of respect, and it has been standing proudly on the Holy Rock of Acropolis since 438 BC when it was built by two architects, Iktinos and Callicrates.

In the wider area around the Acropolis, there are many important archeological monuments. Athens is globally one of the most attractive proposals in terms of cultural tourism. It is a contemporary European city with a fast pace and obvious signs of development. However, Athens strongly maintains a part of its ancient glory and seduces visitors with its picturesque neighborhoods, the enchanting restaurants, the museums, and - most importantly - the authentic Greek hospitality. Welcome to Athens!


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There are many air and ferry connections between Athens and the Greek Islands (from both Piraeus and other ports).

Sightseeing in Athens

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